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The poster of the LALKA NOVA 2: PERCEPTIONS Conference


The poster and visual identity of LALKA NOVA 2: PERCEPTIONS Conference were selected through a competition organized in collaboration with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology. The winning design, chosen from over 65 submissions, was created by the talented young artist Maria Shevchenko.


Maria writes about herself: "I have been studying professional drawing for 8 years. Looking back on my life, I think I can call myself a creative person. My path of drawing began with a small argument with my mother. She was very sure that I would get bored after 6 months of attending art classes. But now I may say that it has turned out quite the opposite way because, after 8 years of practice, I still have inspiration for work and want to improve my skills. I've always been interested in working on different kinds of orders, so this poster is no exception. I'm happy that my poster won, and now it can represent LALKA NOVA 2!".

The poster uses a sculpture by Tomàs Barceló:

LALKA NOVA 2 poster by Maria Shevchenko
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