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LALKA NOVA is an unique event that combines the formula of a scientific conference and a space presenting theatrical, performative and visual arts.


The 1st edition of the LALKA NOVA back in 2021  launched the gene of innovation on our ground, broadened the contexts and gave a new perspective.

We are not slowing down. We want to continue talking about contemporary form, this time through the prism of different 
p e r c e p t i o n s  and their relationships with art and technologies. We are interested in the interrelationships in the field of the senses, identity, at the level of the body, transformations in the broadest sense, also in the context of the cyber-revolution that is just happening before our eyes. Change causes reaction. Are we keeping up? And what can/does the performing arts, visual arts, theater of form, new media theater have to offer today? How does what surrounds us affect the un/recognition of non/human poss
ibilities and bringing them to the stage dimension?

We are putting the issues of this year's 3-day performative conference into 3 thematic modules. Each module has its own keywords. They do not exhaust the scope - they are only intended to guide new paths and trigger new reflection.



What tool in the creation and perception of art are our senses today? How do the interactions of forms affect the viewer's perception? What happens on the line of matter - senses? How can puppetry art and the generation of new forms affect the senses?


KEYWORDS: perception; experience; impulses; interaction; non-/independence; connections; imagery.



How does performative space determine the generation, design, performance and realization of identities? What are body, form and puppet on stage? Are/where are the boundaries of fusion and identification?

KEYWORDS: narratives; dis/identification; transformations; de/construction; de/humanization; hybridization; transgression.



How to design contemporary experiences in the context of performing arts? Can puppetry art be innovative? Can form be a contemporary interface in perceiving and experiencing alternative stage realities?

KEYWORDS: relationships; vision; transfer; technology; experiment; concept; r/evolution.

the initiator and curator of the Conference:
Ewelina Ciszewska, dean of Puppetry Department at AST


the curator and coordinator of the Conference:
Aga Błaszczak, theatre and film 

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